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My name is Racquel Cruz, Founder of the site Artist’s Square.   Artist’s Square is a social networking site for all artists, created to give members the opportunity to showcase their work, find direction, and watch their talents grow. — I write this statement about the site in truthfulness, without  “reading” cliché. My sincerity and intensity is without a doubt motivated by one of my “fondest” stories about having big dreams and nowhere to go with them – lol….

Since I was young, I had big dreams, little money, and no direction. All I wanted is to dance and sing. I remember practicing for hours, watching the fuzzy, distorted, analog station that was considered a video jukebox. People would call in and pay to play a song. Because I was young and my family didn’t have money, I anticipated every song. When a great video would play, I would dance the hardest because I wasn’t sure how long it would be until the next caller would pay to play another “good” song/video.(lol) I would practice so hard on my turn and spins, but didn’t know what to do when I was done.(lol) Metaphorically speaking, it reminds me of one of my poems called: Ricochets (I sit in a room – round white walls – Its Ricochets are driving me mad)

My plan with (Thank You) is to display my written work and hope to entertain you, as I am still that dancing little girl inside, waiting to be discovered.  I write songs, children’s poetry (which is the most fun for me), poetry, draw, and sing (among many other things).  I have always had big dreams and feel it is important to always have goals and aspirations.

I hope you enjoy my written work. It is in no particular rhyme or reason. I do hope to bring out many emotions from my readers: sad, quirky, funny, silly, adult, angry, happy, and crazy. My work may or may not describe who I am. ———- That is for you to decide. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Racquel Cruz, Founder
Artist’s Square:
~A Place Where Artist’s Go~

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