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Do Not Regret

Do not regret the eyes that pass
A glance that quickly says goodbye
For in this one chance
Is a soft settle dance
With a song for the rest of your life

Do not regret the haunting face
Of a love that could’ve been
For when a flesh feels so much
Of this eternal touch
It finds in night its secret sin

Do not regret times you’ve given
For it is all of who you are
And you cannot change
The depths of your pains
It is the world within your heart

Do not regret anything about you
For the history is your own story
And though it may seem
Many have stolen your dreams
They have not taken away your glory

Do not regret what you have not done
In time you will find your way
If it was not for my hurt
I would have not found words
To put together what you have read today

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~


November 15, 2011 Posted by | From the Heart | 5 Comments

I Mourn Today

>I mourn today for those who seek a better life
Turmoiled by disappointment, struggle, and strife
And their breath passes as a molecule in the wind
Thrown, disposed of, and full of “this” world’s sins
Kings and Queens – all great women and men
Only stand in great posture because others bend
It is for this reason the greater stumbles
And those who bend learn to stay humble
Fighting many battles but mostly humanity
They live for selflessness and others’ needs
And this pain today is not pity I sorrow
It is for strength of others I may have borrowed
To get to where I am standing today
So if somehow I’ve hurt you I pray
You forgive me and know my intentions
For they honor what most people fail to mention
Thankfulness, love, and hope because of you
For I do not know all you have been through

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square

~A Place Where Artists Go~

December 8, 2010 Posted by | From the Heart | 2 Comments