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Ghost In Me

Today I wake up in a realistic mind
I am not friends with intent and time
Trapped in thoughts that stifle my dreams
I struggle with supposed and in-between
Shadowed by sorrow to see light in me
Fighting inside to be all I can be
My ghost laughs at my praying hands
As I promise ALL gods to be a man
It hurts inside to look in the mirror
I know this spirit cannot be seen clearer
Who I can be is what I struggle with most
Fighting reflection is fighting my ghost
And that ghost is bound by many chains
Representing my life’s many pains
Built of circumstance and mistake
It mocks my hopes for a sure break
To show the world all I have inside
To no longer sit in question and hide
Will I be somewhere I really want
Or will the ghost in me continue to haunt
Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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Honey (My Dog: R.I.P. 3/2/11)

To my inspiration and Honey
What am I now to do
You hold stature and strengths for me
No one really knew
You were mine and things
Were not to happen this way
You were such a happy dog
Tomorrow you were supposed to play
I made promises to not
Repeat mistakes of my past
And no matter what happened in life
You and I were to last
I wanted you to experience the weather
We were all waiting for
Now all I feel is your ghostly presence
When I open the back door
I want to keep all the hairs of you
I find everywhere in my house
The last day I held you in my arms
I don’t want to wash that blouse
I grab your collar to my heart
Hold it close to me tight
It’s the only part of you I get to keep
After losing you that night
I don’t know what to think
There’s nothing that can replace
The joy that you gave me inside
Just looking at your face
Standing with you more protected
Than an army of a thousand men
Most times you were sweet
And for me, there to defend
I’ill miss the stare you gave others
When you sat straight up on the couch
Like it was your space
They were in your house
Or how you’d move your head back and forth
When you heard a funny noise
Or how big plastic baseball bats
Were your favorite toys
How about when you’d run into the wall
First thing in the morning
How you kept anyone up at night
With your loud snoring
Now I walk into the house
To picture you running towards me
Over-anxious that I am home
Letting me know you have to pee
I can sit and tell so much memories
And all of you I think in words
But there is so much more I’m missing
More inside of me that hurts
I still don’t get when people say
You waited your last breath
To let your momma know you’d be okay
In your last minutes of rest
For I still don’t feel that part
All I could remember is your eyes
Scared and full of fear
Of a pain you did not recognize
All I could do is smother you in kisses
Not enough for what you’ve done
You were my moon in the night
You were my morning sun
Racquel Cruz, Founder
Artist’s Square
*Free Social Site for Artists*

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>I’m fighting anger and a bottle
Today I am not doing so fine
I look back at when we first met
When I was fighting time
Savoring every moment
And the time spent with you
Now every drink that you swallow
Keeps our love from truth
Of what happiness can be
And who you are inside
Even the slightest buzz
Has a lot if you to hide
I no longer hold hope
That someday this will end
I just wanted you to hear me
Just wanted you to be a friend
For there is so much more
Other ways for us to grow
Right there is so much about us
The bottle will not let you know
I am not sure what it takes
To make you hear my cries
I love you so much it hurts
Me way deep inside
Even in these words
It is not my intent
To throw away this love
Or time that we have spent
I am just so scared of myself
Of how tears become hard
In anger and defeat
And the strength of a scar
So read these words of my heart
For I miss who I remember
Please do not let this fire
Turn into a embers

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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Alone At Sea

I stay afloat, in strokes of heavy arms
As I swim towards you
I am scared for I am alone at sea
Doing what you’ve asked me to
My parched lips disguised by words
You need at this time
Familiarity adapts well in ocean
That is no longer mine
Surrounded by fierce waters
My weary body you cannot see
I look for the day I feel safe
To rest in your destiny
And I tear in treacherous waters
As salt burns in my eyes
I look around to see a face
That I so recognize
Its reflection forming waves
Wrinkling chance with age
Echoes of others dormant my body
Filling in waters of rage
And I wake up my mind of hope
Floating in reality
That I am the only one who realizes
How true love should be

Racquel Cruz, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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