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Walking in cobwebs of my sins
People stirring anger within
I went to the alter to confess
Born with pants under my dress
Thought I could make it to the light
To make things in my life right
But silk on skin is easier to peel
Spiders spin webs that you can feel
Venom in veins cannot be ignored
All this is happening in one accord
The only thing that you have left
Is stop fighting webs – Leave your dress
Walk with strength and a little pride
Love the things you’ve learned to hide
That is when your path will be true
To a place where you will learn to love you

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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In Between

Who are we supposed to be
What are we to become
When good and evil battle for us
And there is nowhere to run
We are nothing but disposable souls
Discarded by the users content
Face condemnation 
Or “choose” to repent
Born into this world 
Where all souls sound the same
Only to be the middle-point 
Of two mighty spirits’ game
In what way can you persuade me
All I do then is in choice
When in-between is the only place
Humans have a voice
It is within this small domain
Evil can’t provoke lusts of the flesh
Neither can one enter beliefs
Of resurrection, life, truth or death
Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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To Stay & Fight

They say the eyes don’t lie
As they have many times
I believed what you didn’t say
When they stared into mine
Wholeheartedly I opened
My heart to believe
If I got to know you
You’d love what you see
Instead you walked away
Scared of what you’d find
Dealing thoughts of rejection
Trapped in your own mind
While one foot stands on my demon
I am forced to fight within
I tip my sword to his throat
For you to enter in
As I stand in exhaustion
Taking quick deep breaths
Another comes towards me
To take what I have left
His name is Mockery and Shame
Waiting to take me down
I promise to stay and fight
And know you’ll never be around
And though these battles only harden
My hopes of what may be
Do not think for one single moment
I will stop loving me
For I can see your own demons
Have already put you to shame
I call it defeat
Some call it the love game
So whatever makes you feel better
To build your world of content
I will double my sharpened knives
In wasted time I have spent
To prepare myself for my life
And go for everything I want
As images of my face and smile
In your mind I will haunt

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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Devil’s Ploy

>There is no wonder or how to understand
Thought I could play cards against the devil’s hand
In a quick flash of what appeared Ace of Hearts
I was quick to walk to him in a flaunt of smarts
Strike a conversation of religion and such
He knew little about me, though he knew much
His effortless position was never an invite
I should have turned my head that night
Still this picture plays along in my mind
It was that very spot he knew I would find
Something he holds from across that one place
One color – one glance – one beautiful face

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square

~A Place Where Artists Go~

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