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Reinforce Life In My Breath

I am better now to reflect
On you I have not healed
Yet other things I’ve worked for
Inside have been revealed
I find places in secret to cry
Telling me not to delight
I still struggle til this day
In what I saw in you that night
If you knew of my dark days
You would have apologized
For hurt way deep inside me
Is what you saw in my eyes
And what I saw in yours
Was hope and possibility
Of light I have wished for
In the eyes of my dreams
Now I sit and gather emotions
Running scared and very scattered
They look for security found
Inside me, that mostly matters
They help me walk in strength
With my head held up high
Now I wish what I feel for you
Inside me, will truly die
For your light exposed holes
I have worked so hard to seal
That ravaging souls around me
Seek in weakness to steal
While I can only sit in anger
I should have looked away
Solitude and secrets
They have no words to say
They will only sit in dormant
Until they are the last left
To seal yet another hole
And reinforce life in my breath

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~


March 29, 2012 Posted by | Love | 2 Comments

Our minds were made to create and to think logically.  Some matters of the heart are created by the imagination of our minds. Thankfully, our logical side has a way of explaining all this in time. In absence, everything not understood is relieved.  Please look to the future and believe things will get better. 

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What causes my ignition
I play hard in a world of competition
So blind to the lady in her ragged clothes
Long stringy hair – Torn panty hose
Looks like she’s had nothing to eat
Probably hasn’t had a good meal in weeks
Visions like these tug to my heart
Until it pulls me straight to my start
The start that always justifies
Lack of sentiment looking into hungry eyes
Because where I stand is where I’ve earned
Lost count of all the times I’ve been burned
Don’t know how strong love can be
I’ve learned in this life to love only me
And you ask how I can be so cold
Find the ones with portions of my soul
Last time I heard they were all scattered
If I’d of heard more, I would have mattered
It’s all okay, in my mind I’m a realist
I swallow shit hard and throw up in jest
And how much prettier does that make me seem
Surrounded by vomit while I’m walking my dream
So I force myself to toss at least a dollar
To stop that poor lady from cursin and hollerin
Walking in the streets in this cold-cold world
She looks so familiar – Oh damn…
She’s what left of my little girl

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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The Human Brain…

The first thing we want to feed and the last thing we really know about…

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How A Woman Heals…

Naturally molded…
In a nurturing aggression

She puts to shame…
Thoughts of sulking in depression

For if she did not…
She would fall into regression

To temporarily weep…
Would be her true intention

Soon after — strength…
Finds her comprehension

Of what once was…
Fear and apprehension

Is more like clarity…
In her internal retention

Of pains understood…
In years not to mention

Racquel Cruz, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

March 6, 2012 Posted by | Real-Life Poetry | 1 Comment

Don’t be too quick to judge. What ones has one may need. What one needs one may have. Open your heart to make things work like they’re suppose to..

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