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How can I express what I see in you
How you suffer for what people go through
You are always there when someone takes a fall
For those you love, you hold nothing back at all
You are so much that I long to be
You believe in the strength of family
How do you do it – How do you stand
With no one to lean on or hold your hand?
As I sit here and write without hesitation to cry
I can think of a million reasons why
You’ve been my inspiration and will to live
By giving when you know there’s nothing left to give
And seizing your physical needs to sacrifice
Aware of how much a heart can pay a price
But if somehow you don’t understand all of this
Just remember when we were younger, Sis  🙂

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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Honey (My Dog: R.I.P. 3/2/11)

To my inspiration and Honey
What am I now to do
You hold stature and strengths for me
No one really knew
You were mine and things
Were not to happen this way
You were such a happy dog
Tomorrow you were supposed to play
I made promises to not
Repeat mistakes of my past
And no matter what happened in life
You and I were to last
I wanted you to experience the weather
We were all waiting for
Now all I feel is your ghostly presence
When I open the back door
I want to keep all the hairs of you
I find everywhere in my house
The last day I held you in my arms
I don’t want to wash that blouse
I grab your collar to my heart
Hold it close to me tight
It’s the only part of you I get to keep
After losing you that night
I don’t know what to think
There’s nothing that can replace
The joy that you gave me inside
Just looking at your face
Standing with you more protected
Than an army of a thousand men
Most times you were sweet
And for me, there to defend
I’ill miss the stare you gave others
When you sat straight up on the couch
Like it was your space
They were in your house
Or how you’d move your head back and forth
When you heard a funny noise
Or how big plastic baseball bats
Were your favorite toys
How about when you’d run into the wall
First thing in the morning
How you kept anyone up at night
With your loud snoring
Now I walk into the house
To picture you running towards me
Over-anxious that I am home
Letting me know you have to pee
I can sit and tell so much memories
And all of you I think in words
But there is so much more I’m missing
More inside of me that hurts
I still don’t get when people say
You waited your last breath
To let your momma know you’d be okay
In your last minutes of rest
For I still don’t feel that part
All I could remember is your eyes
Scared and full of fear
Of a pain you did not recognize
All I could do is smother you in kisses
Not enough for what you’ve done
You were my moon in the night
You were my morning sun
Racquel Cruz, Founder
Artist’s Square
*Free Social Site for Artists*

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Happy Mother’s Day!

>Strength and love in the middle of tragic
Finding us a resting place, you were magic
That’s what I thought when I was a little girl
As you placed us in this great big world
From what I can recall, it was no other
Filling our tummies, you and grandmother
I remember the times you must have worried so
Could you make it or have to let us go?
Still you kept fighting for we were all yours
No matter the pain or hardships endured
We didn’t have much as other small ones
Yet you’ve faced tornados and battled the sun
Held us tight at your very last breath
For us you would have signed a soon day of death
And now I understand what sacrifice means
Raising us instead of chasing your dreams
So, are there things still to be learned?
Yes — Happy Mother’s Day
These words have been earned

Racquel, Founder Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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