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Ghost In Me

Today I wake up in a realistic mind
I am not friends with intent and time
Trapped in thoughts that stifle my dreams
I struggle with supposed and in-between
Shadowed by sorrow to see light in me
Fighting inside to be all I can be
My ghost laughs at my praying hands
As I promise ALL gods to be a man
It hurts inside to look in the mirror
I know this spirit cannot be seen clearer
Who I can be is what I struggle with most
Fighting reflection is fighting my ghost
And that ghost is bound by many chains
Representing my life’s many pains
Built of circumstance and mistake
It mocks my hopes for a sure break
To show the world all I have inside
To no longer sit in question and hide
Will I be somewhere I really want
Or will the ghost in me continue to haunt
Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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Darkness Is Beauty

Darkness is beauty in what I see
Of old stale ropes and falling leaves
Symbolic of every reason to find worth
As these pieces of trees sway to Earth
Contemplating settle, they hit the ground
They find their place without much sound
Ropes hold memories of times and trials
As far as the eye can see for miles
They hang decayed but never broken
Ones darkened by fire are a token
Of times once pure, happy and green
Now fill a land of haunting trees
Standing in wait for new revelation
They extend their arms for new hydration
Reaching for glimmering streams in the sun
They crave the waters to which they run
How long must they suffer in their sadness
To fill the void in others of madness?
Providing shade for visions and thoughts
Their reward—-Drips in little black pots
Scattered in scraps they only know exist
Refreshed with hope by mornings dew kiss
They dream of storms to carry them away
Or is better that they stay?

Racquel Cruz, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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I look at the book on the shelf
Displayed above the rest
It is polished and advertised
It certainly does look the best
I want to look inside its soul
Where fantasy is found in words
Of how great it is to read
And what others have heard
Its stature quietly understood
Appearing to what others want to see
If only it were safe to display
What it was truly mean to be
For one thing I have realized
Truth lies in what was once started
The pages no one really thinks about
Tossed away and discarded
They tell parts of its purpose
The true structure for the spine
Band, edges and corners
Pieces and puzzles for the mind
Reasons to take the imperfections
Hold it safe in strongest of weather
To reassure I understand it holds
Everything that defines treasure
Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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Walking in cobwebs of my sins
People stirring anger within
I went to the alter to confess
Born with pants under my dress
Thought I could make it to the light
To make things in my life right
But silk on skin is easier to peel
Spiders spin webs that you can feel
Venom in veins cannot be ignored
All this is happening in one accord
The only thing that you have left
Is stop fighting webs – Leave your dress
Walk with strength and a little pride
Love the things you’ve learned to hide
That is when your path will be true
To a place where you will learn to love you

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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A candle it motions peace and grace
In grandeur shimmers without a face
Flicking movements of different stories
The light in darkness shining glory
Hard in stance and driven by fire
Melting away every single desire
Each drip slowly reveals a form
In virtue given proclaims reborn
Reshaping matter deep within
Laid of hardened space it is in
Nothing to blame when it is blind
By power destiny and time
Of what it wishes to become
A light more driven by the sun
An element held of hands that care
In eyes given more than a stare
Of purpose that only one can see
For all of which it was meant to be

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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>I cannot break you
You won’t let it go
You’re afraid to be
Who you were long ago
For someone you trusted
Broke all your chains
Threw away your spirit
To play all the games
And it hurts me to know
The louder you yell
Are the moments I get
Of the times that you fell
And your body is scarred
More than I can handle
Your pains display
As pictures on a mantle
It is breaking my will
To hold for these years
The strength I once had
For all of your tears
Still broken and unsure
Of what I must do
Be good to me
Or be strong for you
And there’s just the thing
I don’t really get
How you say your sorry
For the yells you regret
And I wonder if inside
You really do know
Every hurtful thing
Makes me want to go
Your internal conflicts
Tell you not to change
Back to the person
Who now seems so strange
Who once cherished love
With a heart that smiles
Laughed with purity
In days of hard trials
Always knowing how
To treat ones you cherish
Never wondering why
Anger drove them to perish

Racquel, Founder Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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White Glove (In Memory of Michael Jackson)

I can see it from the heavens up above
Hovering the Earth – this white glove
Symbolic of what made a happy place
It was you – We will never forget your face
You’ve touched so many lives it obvious
Your memories will live inside of us
And I can picture you dancing up in the sky
Not letting a moment of joy pass by
Forever in rhythm with the blinking stars
We will look above us and know where you are
Moon walking – Fancy footwork – Glittery shoes
You’re entertaining angels with all your moves
See, angels are messengers of what you want to say
You want to tell the world that you are “now” okay
And tell everyone that you’re no longer in pain
How God is so proud to hold in heaven your name
Displayed in golden signs and put up with much pride
Of how one man can hold so much inside
Not a single talent in your life you did waste
You’ve left many footprints for the hopeful to trace
All the people of the Earth and those up in glory
Will celebrate your time and dance to your stories
To know of a certain comfort in this white glove
When the world sometimes, forgets about love

© 2009 Racquel Cruz

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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