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Letter To Heart

Dear Heart,

I am writing you a letter to say I’m sorry.

Recently, I started to really think about you and needed you the most, but you weren’t around. You’ve been gone for so long, I was worried. I thought you abandoned me. I cried long and hard because I thought you ran away. I wondered where you went. I searched all around to find the answers. Then, I took a long hard look at myself to see why. And as you already know (more than anyone else) I blame myself for things that don’t turn out the way I plan.  That’s one of the reasons you have stuck around so long.  You give me strength. We have always made such a wonderful team. That is just one of a million reasons why I miss you. 

After some time of not noticing you I realized, you have never really went anywhere at all. Now, all I can say is that I want things back the way they were.  I am so fortunate to have you and to see what I have done wrong.  How could I have been so selfish? You were just scared — hiding and working extra hard to protect me and yourself from all of the harmful habits I’ve cost your life. —— I ran away from you!!  I am so sorry. I was just having fun and didn’t realize what I was doing.  I have made lots of mistakes in my life, but this time I REALLY REALLY get a chance to change this around so that I don’t lose you!! I AM SO THANKFUL. What do you say? Can we be another “tag” team again. I know that you have been here all along and you’ve never left, but I want to keep you by my side like we were before. Remember when we were younger? Remember when I’d run and play and you were so happy?  Remember when I took all the chances I wanted to and never wondered where you were, or how you were doing?  You delighted in seeing me grow in all of my obstacles.  You were strongest at my falls and happiest at my laughter. You have ALWAYS been by my side.  I want the days where we were so strong and unstoppable, back. I want to do more for you than what you have done for so long.

I have stepped into a new era of my life and need your strength more than ever right now. I’ve recently met some really wonderful people and some old friends have come into my life again. I need you in these plans.  I know I’m gonna challenge your strength…again….(LOL) and already have a few listed “pending obstacles” in my life.  I can picture you already smiling with your “superhero” cape on! It’s what you love doing the most and what you do best.  🙂

I want to be honest and tell you this will not be perfect, but I have changed.  I’ve changed my habits. I sing again, do poetry, pray, meditate and enlighten myself and my surroundings with things and people that are so positive. I have even studied more about you and intend to do more for us in future.  We will work as a team again!! 

Just so you know, I know so much more about you right now than I ever have before, I can even sigh in contentment and breathe better knowing this.  I don’t have to worry about you going anywhere and ending us because you aren’t happy. I am so happy with our new connection. I have so many new hobbies you will totally enjoy doing. I also do stuff you can’t stand, like listen to hard rock music (lol), stress, worry and sometimes imagine things in my own head that disappoint you.  Those are the little things I know we can work on together.  Right now, all I can promise you is that I will work my hardest and do my best to keep us happy.

Thank you for being my best friend and never letting go.




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If you think getting knocked down by someone else only happens to the weak, you’ve never watched boxing…

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Healing from loving someone is when you find the strength to lift your head up, look in the mirror and into the eyes of the one you forgot about for so long. That person will always be there for you.

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Savoring The Night…

Who can forget the nights when the beautiful city lights reflect on the
streets. You watch the darkness breathe a heavy breath. In that beat you
are trying to savor every moment – every sound – every conversation – every
honking horn. You find yourself in a dream-like state, listening to background Jazz music in the open air of an outside restaurant while sipping on some wine…You are mesmerized by your lover’s lips as red as the wine your sipping on and
as glossy as the light reflecting off the glass…It is beautiful…

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Sharing old news is new news to someone who never knew the news at all…

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Love’s Song

Everything that you are
should be the irresistible notes
that play the perfect song

for someone else’s heart strings..

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Best Advice When Applying for A Relationship Card!

1.  Make sure the interest rate is high.
2.  Read all the terms and conditions.
3.  Read the fine print and confirm, terms and conditions don’t constantly change.
4.  When you have issues, be sure you can speak to a live person immediately, and are not put on hold.
5.  Make sure the you are not prompted or redirected to someone else who will not fix the issue.
6.  Make sure the face on your relationship card is customized to your liking.  You will then want to always look at it.
7.  Be sure your relationship card has no limit and does not charge you a monthly/lifetime fee just to hold it.
8.  Make sure there aren’t any additional fees to use it frequently.
9.  Make sure it doesn’t expire.
10. Make sure it doesn’t have a special access code to get to it.
11. Make sure the same number hasn’t been used by a lot of people.    <–  If you’re lucky, you’re the 1st and only one using it.
12. Make sure the numbers are not visible for everyone else to see and use.
13. Make it fun and try to earn frequent flyer miles.
14. Make sure you can use your card at any store or department you’d like.
15. Make sure you can get gas with it. <– Not so sure about this one..LOL
16. Make sure it doesn’t bend, break or damage through stormy weather.
17. If it’s at home, make sure you are able to enter the numbers with a hand key pad anywhere, or just swipe it if you need to. <– Use your imagination on this one!
18. Learn secrets to keeping the interest rate high on it.
19. Don’t let your friends use it.
20. Don’t let the dog eat it. <– Yikes! I had to put that one there..

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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I see a rush of radiant waters
Fall for all to see
Its everlasting stories
Hold wonder and beauty
My vision is to believe
This flow of glass has so much grace
Though dark caves are behind it
It runs to a peaceful place
I want to take a look inside
Scared I’ve never been very close
Everything it seems to hide
I want to understand the most
But what can one person do
When it is only in their dreams
To bathe in magnificent waters
To swim naked in its stream
It is only inside my mind
To repeat I’ve been here before
I will do this to fool my heart
And long for it no more

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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