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Throw Your Hands In the Air and Say…

Life is hard enough, don’t take on the world, take on your life…. 

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Ghost In Me

Today I wake up in a realistic mind
I am not friends with intent and time
Trapped in thoughts that stifle my dreams
I struggle with supposed and in-between
Shadowed by sorrow to see light in me
Fighting inside to be all I can be
My ghost laughs at my praying hands
As I promise ALL gods to be a man
It hurts inside to look in the mirror
I know this spirit cannot be seen clearer
Who I can be is what I struggle with most
Fighting reflection is fighting my ghost
And that ghost is bound by many chains
Representing my life’s many pains
Built of circumstance and mistake
It mocks my hopes for a sure break
To show the world all I have inside
To no longer sit in question and hide
Will I be somewhere I really want
Or will the ghost in me continue to haunt
Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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Words are a gift adorned more in action
Not stuffed inside a pretty package

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Darkness Is Beauty

Darkness is beauty in what I see
Of old stale ropes and falling leaves
Symbolic of every reason to find worth
As these pieces of trees sway to Earth
Contemplating settle, they hit the ground
They find their place without much sound
Ropes hold memories of times and trials
As far as the eye can see for miles
They hang decayed but never broken
Ones darkened by fire are a token
Of times once pure, happy and green
Now fill a land of haunting trees
Standing in wait for new revelation
They extend their arms for new hydration
Reaching for glimmering streams in the sun
They crave the waters to which they run
How long must they suffer in their sadness
To fill the void in others of madness?
Providing shade for visions and thoughts
Their reward—-Drips in little black pots
Scattered in scraps they only know exist
Refreshed with hope by mornings dew kiss
They dream of storms to carry them away
Or is better that they stay?

Racquel Cruz, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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It is in that intense moment, you make the deepest physical piece of yourself. When that moment is gone, you will always have your story in what you have created ….

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I look at the book on the shelf
Displayed above the rest
It is polished and advertised
It certainly does look the best
I want to look inside its soul
Where fantasy is found in words
Of how great it is to read
And what others have heard
Its stature quietly understood
Appearing to what others want to see
If only it were safe to display
What it was truly mean to be
For one thing I have realized
Truth lies in what was once started
The pages no one really thinks about
Tossed away and discarded
They tell parts of its purpose
The true structure for the spine
Band, edges and corners
Pieces and puzzles for the mind
Reasons to take the imperfections
Hold it safe in strongest of weather
To reassure I understand it holds
Everything that defines treasure
Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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Everything before the word “but” doesn’t count
I love you..but…
You’re my best friend…but…

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How can I express what I see in you
How you suffer for what people go through
You are always there when someone takes a fall
For those you love, you hold nothing back at all
You are so much that I long to be
You believe in the strength of family
How do you do it – How do you stand
With no one to lean on or hold your hand?
As I sit here and write without hesitation to cry
I can think of a million reasons why
You’ve been my inspiration and will to live
By giving when you know there’s nothing left to give
And seizing your physical needs to sacrifice
Aware of how much a heart can pay a price
But if somehow you don’t understand all of this
Just remember when we were younger, Sis  🙂

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

April 18, 2012 Posted by | Family Poetry | 1 Comment

If you’re sad, exhausted, or heartbroken reaching for something or someone you know you want, but you haven’t given your complete time and focused, you’re only half trying. Half trying means your efforts are also halfway received or maybe not even understood at all…Give matters of your heart & happiness complete effort and focus. You will find a solid return…

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Free smiles – Free eyes
There’s a price tag on everything
I heard your stories on your items
I never knew they were up for bid
And you make me feel I carry less
Less than I have ever tried to be
If I had known this is what I’d carry
More than anyone could ever buy
I would have just taken a glance
Looked quickly on your beauty
And taken caution to what’s inside
But there were no guards at attention
Protecting your perimeter
So I did not know your price then
As I see mine knowing you now

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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