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Ghost In Me

Today I wake up in a realistic mind
I am not friends with intent and time
Trapped in thoughts that stifle my dreams
I struggle with supposed and in-between
Shadowed by sorrow to see light in me
Fighting inside to be all I can be
My ghost laughs at my praying hands
As I promise ALL gods to be a man
It hurts inside to look in the mirror
I know this spirit cannot be seen clearer
Who I can be is what I struggle with most
Fighting reflection is fighting my ghost
And that ghost is bound by many chains
Representing my life’s many pains
Built of circumstance and mistake
It mocks my hopes for a sure break
To show the world all I have inside
To no longer sit in question and hide
Will I be somewhere I really want
Or will the ghost in me continue to haunt
Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~

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