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>I cannot break you
You won’t let it go
You’re afraid to be
Who you were long ago
For someone you trusted
Broke all your chains
Threw away your spirit
To play all the games
And it hurts me to know
The louder you yell
Are the moments I get
Of the times that you fell
And your body is scarred
More than I can handle
Your pains display
As pictures on a mantle
It is breaking my will
To hold for these years
The strength I once had
For all of your tears
Still broken and unsure
Of what I must do
Be good to me
Or be strong for you
And there’s just the thing
I don’t really get
How you say your sorry
For the yells you regret
And I wonder if inside
You really do know
Every hurtful thing
Makes me want to go
Your internal conflicts
Tell you not to change
Back to the person
Who now seems so strange
Who once cherished love
With a heart that smiles
Laughed with purity
In days of hard trials
Always knowing how
To treat ones you cherish
Never wondering why
Anger drove them to perish

Racquel, Founder Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~


August 21, 2010 - Posted by | Miscellaneous Poetry

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