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A Life of Glory

If it is only within me I see
It is only by my fight I will be
It is a struggle among some men
I was never built like them
Yet we eat, breathe, and die the same
Only separated by our image and name
And I refuse to allow my mind to think
The wines of life I cannot drink
For a drink is toasted by the conqueror
Made by hands claimed to be stronger
I will not give up my long & hard battles
To the hands of fools, drunks, and babbles
And my parts I will take as days go by
My fire will stand strong in my eyes
To be my path I am given so it must
For one day this all will turn to dust
Yet my triumphs will burn hearts like fire
Encouraging those who have many desires
For their time too will be gone so soon
Don’t waste time searching cures for wounds
Just walk past those who have cast stones
Overcome stabs that have pierced your bones
Do not spend years waiting for apologies
For tongues threaded to sin still bleeds
Laugh at your jesters as they entertain you
For they build houses of wood and glue
Build something stronger – A life of glory
So you too may pass on your own stories

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~


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  1. amazing!!!

    Comment by NANABEE | February 28, 2012 | Reply

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