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Why Do We Write?


There are many reasons why people enjoy writing.  Writing is a way of expression and can be highly influential.  It is a very powerful tool.  Its benefits can produce most of what we want when it is best understood.  One of the first things to ask ourselves is:


  • Self Expression: A declaration of one’s personality
  • A Message: Conveying/Communicating information people can understand
  • Persuasion: Convincing a form or system of belief – ideology
  • Literary Honor: A distinct rank in achievement of written work
  • Reaction: A response to one’s written work
  • Debate: A discussion involving opposing views

If you know your purpose, you now have some insight on what results you are trying to produce.  Once you have found your answer, you need a panoramic view of who you would like to deliver this message to. ———– So, let’s find one for you.


Picture yourself standing on a stage of an open square (how conveniently close to the name Artist’s Square).  And in this open square, you have a panoramic view of your audience.  They stand and wait in anticipation of your expression, your show, or whatever message you are trying to convey to them. You have everything you need: writers, poets, philosophers, painters, buyers, sellers – an overabundance of people.  Now, it’s rightful to believe that the stage makes you, since perhaps you are silently “understood” in your position.  With that, you can assume that anything you say can capture most or all of your audience. How can that be so difficult? Since you are the person in focus, you must have something important to say right?  Everyone should stay and listen! !!———————————————– Well, it really isn’t that easy.

Your message will be the outcome of your actions. For instance – take the previous scenario.  If you decide to entertain your audience by reciting poems, which group(s) do you think would most likely stay and participate? Which group(s) would be the most likely to walk away?  Now, if you start your message by asking what makes a good artist -which group(s) would most likely stay and participate?  Well, this sort of principal can be applied to the form of written work.

Layman’s Term: Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve with your written work/expression, picture your audience, and know who would most likely respond.  You may produce the results you are looking for.


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