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What is Art?

If at some point you decide to go on a quest for the answer to this question as I and others have done, you will too attest to the conclusion of a non-definitive answer.   In your journey——- you will experience all sorts of emotions and find it’s “definitely” entertaining.  Some perspectives, definitions, and quotes are so unique, that words too can only prove individuality as an acknowledgment and form of art itself.  Let’s take a read of quotes from some of the famous artists you may know:

~ Ansel Adams (1902 -1984) – Us Nature Photographer: I start a picture and I finish it. I don’t think about art while I work, I think about life. ~

~ Tracey Emin (1963 – still living) – Created many forms of expressions of art: What is really good about the word ‘art’ is that ‘art’ is a word like ‘love’, ‘God’, or ‘whatever’. It transcends so many things. ~

~ Vincent Van Gogh (1853 – 1890) – Dutch expressionist painter: The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech. ~

Here are also some other thoughts as to what is said about art:

  • Art is considered art when it can cause an action/reaction of the artist’s work
  • Art can be a way of sharing or defining a meaning, intended to connect to human emotion
  • Art can include many things such as: painting, photography, musical arrangements or literary work
  • Art serves its purpose for the artist
  • Great art pieces are known around the world and have stood the test of time

Ah huh! This is it! —- So, what have we learned? — Human emotion?——— O.k. – So in a mathematical equation, it should look sort of like this:

Artist + Emotions (expression) + Movement/Style + Medium (tool) + Observer = Art

So, in conclusion.:

~ Racquel Cruz (1972 – still living) – Songwriter, Poet, Artist: Although we may not have a definitive answer for the interpretation of art, we can come up with something that can almost look mathematical, thus slightly logical —————but not really. ~

Note: This article was meant to make you smile, adding a sense of humor to it.


December 30, 2009 - Posted by | Articles

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