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Grandma’s Survival

I am sitting in this room and his face I see
Moments of his fame playing on TV
What gives the right to that man
Trying to take money from another hand
He looks strong enough for a lifetime
A thief is what he is – can’t work for a dime
Suppressed by something we can’t explain
Taking from people he doesn’t have any shame
Guess he’s too good and doesn’t want a job
He justifies himself  – It’s my grandma he robbed
Every bruise on her  (huh)  He walks like he’s tough
He never thought about how she’s had it rough
Her stories lie way underneath her skin
He will NEVER be close to where she’s been
See, she grew up at a time of oppression
Where accepting her skin color was only a suggestion
Her meals often scarce – She fed herself last
Crying and asking God how long it will last
When her mama left her with four younger kids
A little can of money and dirty baby cribs
Raising four siblings not the way it should have been
But my grandma chose to stay and not abandon them
She had to grow up fast – only knowing to survive
Anyway, she lost her childhood when she was only five
When some strange man had no control of his hands
He did things to her she didn’t understand
But she grew strong – Her skin thickened with years
She has swallowed pride and cried many tears
But that man – The one who tried to take her life
Didn’t know my grandma because she sure can fight
For cowards when confronted often scatter
In the mind of thieves their life mostly matters
But her – she’s already been in this place
Same situation just a different face
He tried to take the little she had to give
His strikes couldn’t take her will to live
And I sit her and wait until she opens her eyes
To another affliction she has survived
When her bruises start to heal – I can promise you
Her faith and hope in love will still stand true

Racquel Cruz, Founder
Artist’s Square

~A Place Where Artists Go~


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