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Somewhere She Lost Her Pink

I once knew a sweet little girl
As pure as a blossomed flower
Her tiny hands and giving heart
Made it prey for a predator to devour
She tried so hard to let it go
In her mind her past will not sink
Yet through it all it didn’t matter
Somewhere she lost her pink
This child who was to be protected
Until ready to explore the world
Her tiny body was cradled instead
By a man who had different plans for her
And the small surrounding light
That made her aura glow
In time turned into black
As her body began to grow
Still she did not stop fighting
To find arms true to her heart
Only to realize there is nobody
To begin her own pure start
Tears that have gathered in the years
Have tired, wanting to be forgotten
Impure loves in the pit of her stomach
In time have become rotten
Yet somehow she deserves a right
And have sworn to give herself
The words that were meant for the gods
The many nights she cried for help
To fill her life of the happiness
She will one day in her heart find
A pure heart of strength holding her tightly
When the world is not so kind

Racquel, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~


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