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Celebrities of Spring

Ms. Clivia Miniata, blossoms well in conceit
Three years to get ready, loves crowded streets
Leave her undisturbed, she needs her space
It’s Spring Time – She stands with grace
Ms. Hyacinths – known for her perfume
Spaces – strong winds to smell in bloom
Mr. Bulbs often rushes, he never has time
He comes-he goes-three weeks in his prime
Mr. Blue Bells too early – misses everything
Unaware of it all, he blooms in early spring
Who can forget the Dutch’s Iris and Crocus
Standing in attention – snails their focus
In church nearby singing Lily of the Valley
Corm in great cheer – it sounds like a rally
Color and blossom – they all have their fun
Most happy in dew time with smiling Mr. Sun
Most ticklish when they see funny Mr. Hose
Makes loud noises – shoots water from his nose
And this same crowd comes back every year
With joy, color, love, and for us…great cheer

**This poem was written at a time someone had mentioned that I should practice writing light poems.
I gave it a thought and took their suggestion. This was a very fun poem to write.

Racquel Cruz, Founder
Artist’s Square
~A Place Where Artists Go~


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